Fassa Bortolo Render Systems

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Alkali-resistant fibreglass reinforcing mesh, 160 g/m²FASSANET 160 must be used to reinforce skim-coats applied on plasters or on thermal insulation p...
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Bio traditional fibre-reinforced base coat plaster made from pure nano-lime with pozzolanic effect, for interiors and exteriorsK 1710 is used as a bas...
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Bio lime base coat plaster, with marmorino effect, for interiors and exteriorsUseKB 13 is used as a base coat plaster on walls made of bricks, concret...
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Bio white finish coat plaster, breathable and with marmorino effect, for interiors and exteriorsS 605 is used as a breathable finish coat plaster/rend...
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Bio white undercoat for the restoration of damp masonry, for interiors and exteriorS 650 is used as a renovation undercoat for damp walls to promote t...
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