Render Addatives and Render Primers

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Everbuild Contractors PVA

506 CONTRACTORS PVA506 Contractors PVA is a multi-purpose primer, sealer, cement filler and plaster admixture that adheres to most common building and...
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Everbuild Rendagrip

EVERBUILD 507 RENDAGRIP® is an extra-grip render bonding agent that contains a fine aggregate to provide an improved key before applying render on ext...
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Everbuild Water Seal

402 Waterseal is a high-performance transparent water repellent specially formulated to prevent water penetration on all mineral substrates such as br...
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Everbuilf Fungicidal Wash

404 Fungicidal Wash is a powerful, fungicidal wash for the removal of lichens, fungi and algae on all mineral surfaces such as walls, paths, roofs, dr...
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IS 510

Siloxane water-repellentIS 510 is used to provide greater water repellency when treating substrates such as facing brick, small concrete structures an...
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Pac 272

Bonding mortar made of synthetic resins for gypsum based and lime-gypsum based plasters on concrete substratesPAC 272 is used to improve the adhesion ...
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